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Who is Medifarm S.r.l.?

A market leader in parallel imports, Medifarm holds over 200 licences to cater for more than 2,000 customers throughout Italy.
With more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field, Medifarm is part of a European multinational group with offices in France, England, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.

In strict compliance with the regulations in force, Medifarm's clear objective is to offer branded drugs already on the traditional market at lower prices, since parallel trade of a medicine is based on the price difference applied to the same product in different member states of the European Community. Medifarm S.r.l.'s Parallel Imported Medicines are authorised by AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) and are marketed throughout the country.



World-class professionals

Our team consists of pharmaceutical experts and qualified personnel whose experience and knowledge enables them to identify the products most in demand in pharmacies.

We help our customers achieve tangible results
and of great impact


A modern, self-sufficient plant, thanks to the combination of geothermal and photovoltaic energy.


Thanks to our new scanning process, we reduce paper consumption. Our catalogues and your invoices are available for downloading online.

European production

Production of French-language boxes and brochures, quality repackaging, 100% secure, according to good manufacturing practices. Thanks to the Datamatrix on our boxes, we guarantee the traceability of our products.

We obtain licences and track them efficiently with the relevant regulatory agencies. Linked to the pharmaceutical distribution channel, Difarmed works alongside the pharmacist to guarantee our industry a shared profit with maximum respect for product quality and safety.

Philippe Ollivier, Director General. Difarmed Spain. 2022

What is a European Distribution Product?

European distribution or parallel import means that a medicinal product authorised in one Member State can be marketed in another Member State, where it is also authorised.

This requires a parallel import authorisation (AIP), granted by AEMPS or EMA in the case of a speciality with European registration.

Authorisation may be obtained on condition that the quantitative and qualitative composition, pharmaceutical form and therapeutic effects of the imported product are identical to those of the product previously authorised by the competent agency.


PDEs have a different country code from the national presentation assigned by AEMPS, and the product will be repackaged according to the regulations of the country of marketing.


The relabelling or repackaging of a parallel imported speciality depends on the characteristics of the outer packaging of the medicinal product, the requirements of the health authorities and the holder of the trade mark rights.

To meet optimum quality standards and to ensure the safety and traceability of EDPs, Medifarm strictly applies Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices.


Medifarm rispetta il Regolamento Delegato (UE) 2016/161 e i requisiti di serializzazione fin dall’inizio, sia con l’identificatore univoco che con i dispositivi antimanomissione sull’imballaggio secondario.

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