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Medifarm encompasses numerous pharmaceutical distribution processes throughout Italy. We produce the highest quality drug packages in-house, offer a range of products at the best prices on the market and, together with our sales team and our multi-channel platform, are able to offer the highest quality pharmaceutical distribution for you and your patients.

Local production

Reconditioning of premium GMP-compliant secondary packaging at our facilities throughout Europe.

Importazione parallel

Parallel-imported products represent a valid alternative to those already present in our country as they have the same therapeutic effects and the same safety of use as the medicine authorised in Italy but at a cheaper price. Medifarm puts imported products on the market following an authorisation issued by AIFA (AIP) relabelled or repackaged to be suitable for marketing in the national territory, this is done so that the 'parallel' product conforms to the one already on the market. The repackaging operations of our products are carried out by workshops authorised for secondary repackaging and subject to control by the relevant agencies, such as the Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf and l’Health and Youth Care Inspectorate – Pharmaceutical Affairs.

Phone service

We offer personalised customer service, with transparency and clarity in all information provided. Our team consists of qualified personnel who are available to place orders, answer questions and inform you about the latest news.

Medifarm works together with the pharmacist to guarantee our industry a shared benefit with maximum respect for the quality and safety of medical devices.

Get answers about Quicko

What does Quicko do?

Contact our team through any of our channels.

What is the minimum to place an order?

Quicko is our exclusive online platform for pharmacists, where you can place orders 24/7, have access to the latest news, view order history and download invoices.

How many days will the order arrive?

The minimum amount for the peninsula is 300 euro with 3 import references.

How can I pay?

All our vademecums have offers on PVL from the 1st unit, at no extra cost, see unit price! For further information, please contact our team.

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